a review: drybar

I was in NYC last week for work. I used to travel there a lot in my early-20s with my girlfriends, and part of me wishes I had lived there, even for a short time. Alas, I live vicariously through my friends who live there and relish my time when I'm there on business.

I did treat myself last week to a blow-out at the one and only, Drybar, before my big meetings one day. Needless to say it was awesome, and if I was a rich girl, I'd be treatin' myself to a blow-out all the time. Is 3x per week too excessive? 

Their prices have changed since this image was released....

Their prices have changed since this image was released....

The salon ran like clock-work. I had a 9 AM appointment, and promptly at 8:55 AM 4 stylists walked their clients to the front checked them out, and at 9 AM on the dot all four of those stylists came back to the front to collect the next round of clients. It was flawless.

My stylist was nice, not overly talkative, but I did hear two girls on either side of me chatting away with their stylist about how their Monday and Tuesdays were..."wait, these girls really do come here 3x per week!"

I chose from their simple menu of styles, the Cosmo, big loose curls for my blowout, and an extra shot of conditioner as the summer heat has loved sucking the moisture from my curls. And like the clients before me, I was in and out in 30 minutes flat. I walked in a hot mess fresh from a restless night in my hotel bed, and walked out with a perfect coif and $40 less in my bank account.

And like a really good blogger...I didn't take a picture of my after. Whoops. I guess I'll just have to head back and do it again. "For the readers' sake, honey."

My Final Verdict:

Drybar is VERY worth it. There's nothing that makes me want to get out of bed less than the thought of blowdrying and styling my curly hair. Although some might consider $40 a bit steep for just a wash and blow-dry, but I think that for a service that you can indulgence in, it's more than worth it.  I would HIGHLY recommend the experience to anyone who's looking for a new way to treat themselves beyond a mani/pedi - just do it!

so i took a break...

It's August. My last post here was back in January. Some might call me a slacker. I would even call myself one. But my calendar, my head, my heart and Mr S. and our friends might say otherwise. I've been on a roller coaster, and last Monday I found myself in a crying heap on the floor of my closet. Yeah, there I was like some pathetic princess laying among her shoes, dresses and bags crying.

I have anxiety. Real, diagnosed, stress-induced, anxiety. My job, my responsibilities, my personality, my family, my clients...it's all one big heap of anxiety, and some days it gets the best of me. I'm not unlike you, or any other woman who is trying to juggle it all, backwards in high-heels, all while smiling and looking perfect. I do too much. I over commit. I over compensate. I beat myself-up, and on and on it goes. It's a never-ending cycle.

This blog, since 2011, has been a place of joy and happiness for me. An outlet to be more free and creative, and for the sake of every woman who feels like I have, I'm dropping it all on the line with this post and telling you why there's been radio silence.

I vow to come back in action here on the blog.  I'm not sure I can keep up posting every day like I had before. However, I do vow to fill the stress induced void that I have felt each day of the last few months with creativity, and my need to take care of my heart, even if it's with a silly recipe post or some new outfit I'm lusting after.

this is a thank you card I made using my calligraphy skills that I learned last weekend in a class taught by Meant To Be Calligraphy

this is a thank you card I made using my calligraphy skills that I learned last weekend in a class taught by Meant To Be Calligraphy

dottie magazine

I'm overcome with joy to share with you that over the last few months I've been working on a secret project as the Home Editor for Dottie Magazine, and I can say the magazine is officially live! 

Dottie is a digital magazine women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine that teaches you ways to live fashionably at an affordable price. The magazine is the brainchild of my college classmate, Rachael Sigsbee, and I'm tickled to be a part of this awesome & growing team!

Here's a bit more about the magazine from Rachael herself, and your look at the first issue of Dottie Magazine! I hope that you enjoy!

Click the image below to be taken directly to the pages of the first issue of Dottie!

the open concept

I love our kitchen. It's the heart beat of our house. My office is right there with its beautiful glass door for privacy, there's a sitting area for guests to relax in, a peninsula island where we we eat. What I don't like are the cabinets. It's a bit of a oversized galley kitchen, and the two walls lined with cabinets floor to ceiling are so blah. Sure they're lovely and perfectly white, which I adore, but the space needs more pizzaz.

Mr. S and I worked over the weekend on our "wish list" for the house for 2014. We were pretty lazy in 2013, feeling like we needed to get settled after running around for the last 5 years from place to place. So we'll let the lack of innovation and change at our house slide.

I've been browsing lately for some inspiration for ripping out a cabinet or two in our kitchen this year to make way for some open shelving. No need to get rid of them all, I like to have places to dump a mess of tupperware or my gaggle of casserole dishes. I need just enough open space to make the kitchen feel a bit more open and polished.

the open concept

source: www.79ideas.org
source: www.pinkwallpaperblog.com

source: www.pinkwallpaperblog.com


2013 has gone, and it's on to 2014. Before jumping headfirst into the new year and new adventures, I took some time to reflect with Mr. S last night. We spent time looking at pictures from this past year, remembering the highs and the lows, and everything in between. And here it all is in a video of pictures I made using Flipagram.

It may be 10 minutes long, but it's all there, all 12 months of special moments.

PS - thanks for sticking with me as I took some personal time over the holidays...I'm back in action now...I swear!

jojo loves you blow-out sale

I've featured my blog partner, JoJo Loves You before here. But I must say this great partner has really outdone themselves this time. Today- Sunday, December 15th they're having a massive blowout sale on their Blings earrings. And seriously, mixing and matching styles shapes for everyone on your list is the best!

For one lucky simplesurber reader they're giving away a lovely pair of Limited Edition: Navy Oval Blings.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 10.46.56 AM.png

To enter to win, leave a comment below with where you would wear this pair of blings this holiday season for a chance to win!

I'll announce the winner on Monday, so be sure to check back!

wise words for wednesday

In honor of all of the snow we've had here this week, we are all like a snowflake


Okay, so now I can explain why last week was so chaotic. My best friend in the world, my former roommate, my soul-mate, my confidant and my biggest cheerleader, Ms. Parker, got engaged this weekend to Mr. Harris!!!!!!!!!

photo 1.JPG

Mr. S and I were in on the surprise of the weekend, and were honored to be witnesses their very special proposal. I documented the day with over 600 pictures, while Mr. S video recorded it.

We all cried like babies, we laughed, we squealed with excitement, we sighed of relief at not having to hide this AWESOME secret any longer, and of course we celebrated with all of their family on Saturday night!

They are over the moon, and I'm gushing with excitement for the Future Mr. and Mrs. Harris!

photo 2.JPG

Yesterday, we got a BIG ole snow storm around here, and we arrived back in Winchester, with our Christmas tree in tow, to over 6" inches of snow at our house. It's so very beautiful, but between the ice and more snow headed this way tomorrow, it's a frigid mess out there.

But ahh...I'm still on Cloud 9 from this weekend, so who cares!!

photo 3.JPG
photo 4.JPG